Art Gallery History:

Past Exhibitions

In the summer of 2000, South Texas Community College art faculty members Richard Smith and Monica Camero made a commitment to the arts for the people of Hidalgo and Starr counties, in the form of creating a permanent space, which became known as the STCC Art Gallery. The Art Department has since hosted 37 art exhibitions and other departments have utilized the space for other functions from various ceremonies and dinners to lectures, music and dance. The Creative Arts and Communication Department, under the direction of Dr. Richard Able, and Barbara Mayo of the Language and Social Sciences Division, under the deanship of Tom Cameron, and Dr. Margarite Bischoff have been supportive of the Art Departments stewardship over this unique and special space.
Donations and Renovation:
Kirk Clark
Kirk Clark:
STCC Art Gallery has come a long way from being a room where transmissions were once being rebuilt. The final metamorphosis for the gallery came in 2002, when the artist, philanthropist and local businessman, Kirk Clark made a generous donation to renovate the walls of the gallery into the fine ash cabinetry that they are now. He also furnished the gallery with twelve handmade sculpture pedestals.
Kirks most recent gift to the college is in the form of an art scholarship to STCC students. A plaque is being prepared for permanent display in the gallery in his honor. We cannot thank him enough for his generosity and humility.
Thank you Kirk.
Press Release:
August 29, 2002 // FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE // Local Artist Brings Mystical Exhibition to McAllen Artist Kirk Clark to share Universe Below in pen & ink, sculpture and poetry at STCCs Art Gallery.
McAllen, TX  On September 16, 2002, local Artist, Kirk Clark, will fill the STCC Art Gallery with curious creatures and critters. This extraordinary exhibit features inspiring colors, dramatic textures and vivid words. The Universe Below is intended to grab the viewers imagination.
The Universe Below consists of mythological creatures that might drift over a coral reef during a tide change or be observed in outer space through the lens of the Hubble Telescope, presenting themselves in constellations, quarks, black holes or other mysteries of outer space, said Clark. Although most of us know Kirk Clark as our beloved Chevrolet Dealer, his parents' enthusiastic collecting, writing, lecturing and involvement in the contemporary art scene greatly influenced their Kirk. His father served on the Fine Arts Council for the University of Texas, the University of California, Berkley, and the University of Michigan. Kirk studied sculpture and drawing in the mid 60s and graduated from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Writing poetry in the ancient Chinese form of Bagua compliments Kirk's artistic passion. Kirk is married to Jeri, and father to sons Charlie, Alex and Daniel and daughter Anne. All are great blessings in his life. Youre invited to bring your imagination to the show September 16  October 10, 2002 at the STCC Art Gallery located in Building B, Room 103 at 3201 West Pecan in McAllen. For more information, please call Richard Smith at 956.928.3478 or visit
"I hope my art touches a curious spot in your consciousness. For me, it is a very intuitive and gratifying process. Bring your own oxygen to the show."
For more information regarding this release, contact: Michele Sparks, Clark Chevrolet 956.668.0095 Kirk Clark, Clark Chevrolet 956.686.5441